Software All of our products can be easily customized to fit into your organization regardless of medical specialty.   Any additional features can also be designed and incorporated into any of our existing appications.  These applications fit many clinical, research, and data management needs but are also higly customizable to ensure we can fulfill any need.

Clinical Research Data Management System (CRDMS)

MDM’s CRDMS was designed to be a solution for organizations that conduct clinical research while also providing a level of clinical data management. The system was designed to meet the basic needs of these organizations regardless of medical subspecialty while still allowing for the organization to customize it for its subspecialty. Click Here for a list of modules available for use in the CRDMS, as well as key features, and system compliances.

Chronic Care Management System (CCMS)

MDM's CCMS combines our Case Management module with our secure messaging communications system.  These modules allow heathcare providers to securely communicate with chronic patient populations and subject matter experts. Secure bidirectional communication coupled with case management and note generation capabilites allows for effctive care outside the hospital or clinic setting.  Managing these chronic populations instead of treating them only when symptoms worsen will decrease severe symptoms and the need for Emergency Room visits and increase patient knowledge and quality of life.

Extract Lab Management System (ELMS)

An end-to-end solution for the processing of immunotheraphy treatment sets. ELMS allows for ordering providers to submit orders, record skin test results, generate prescriptions, and manage immunotherapy patients.  Extract Labs processing orders can except or reject orders, manage inventory, provide recommendations, mix immunotherapy prescriptions, and track shippments.  Providers have complete visibility into there treatment set orders and where they are in the process.


MyAllergyShots is a web-based immunotherapy management solution to improve the safety, compliance, convenience, and efficiency of immunotherapy delivery. Features include Pre and Post shot wait lists, shot preperation information, ability to record shots with the aid of predictive dosing, default and customizable schedules and plans, shot history and shot logs, and billing reports

Survey Engine

Create and Send surveys annonymously to a user group or patient population.  Survey results are stored in tables to allow for visibility into return rates and easy access for embeded exports and reports.

Specimen Tracker

Allows for the storage and tracking of research specimens through  the use of configurable freezers and locations.  Quick reference icons are included for all specimen types and fields are auto populated based on your last entry for ease of use when entering multiple specimens.

Call Center

Our Call Center application alllows users to log information about incoming calls like date, caller info, question, reponse, and outcome.  Users can store standard responses for reference by all users so that callers are provided standadized correct responses.  Calls and questions that are outside the scope of a users knowledge can be forwarded to other users for response.  Reports provide users further analysis to determine outcomes and  supply valuable statistics for research and quality assurance. 

Immunization Registry

The Immunization Registry application allows users to order and excute vaccinations and skin tests for a patient.  This patient focused application also allows users to record patient specific information like contact, vaccination history, vaccination exemptions, and prescreening information.  Vaccinations and skin tests are recorded with a number of data points such as: injection site, manufacturer, dose, etc..  User are able to run a number of standard reports on the data collected and further customizable reports are also available.

Open Access Colonoscopy PreScreening System (OACPS)

We developed a product that allows users to complete required prescreening information for a coloscopy using a web-based portal.  This application eliminates the need for a preliminary screening appointment for all users that pass the pre-screening requirements.  Users that pass this screening can then also schedule theor colonoscopy using this web portal.  This application frees up the Gastroenterologist to perform more colonoscopies instead of wasting time performing prescreening appointments and allows the patients to avoid a extra trip to the clinic.