Past Performance

MDM Technologies has worked on many projects, both large and small, since its inception in 2003. We have a consistent record of delivering on our promises and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Below are descriptions of a few of MDM’s completed projects.

Extract Lab Management System (ELMS)

MDM worked with the United States Army Centralized Allergen Extract Lab (USACAEL) to develop an end-to-end solution for the processing of immunotheraphy treatment sets. USACAEL is a unique operation servicing over 250 DOD and VA healthcare sites worldwide to include the United States, Europe and Korea. USACAEL prides itself in the quality assured formulation and delivery of over 25,000 patient immunotherapy treatment sets annually.

MDM worked with USACAEL to fully understand their business, associated processes, and technology needs. Based on this analysis, MDM developed an end-to-end technology solution that now allows for complete electronic processing of allergen extract, venom extract, and supply material orders. The solution included importation of legacy data, development of a web-based application, and implementation of numerous business rules to ensure that the high-level of quality assurance was followed and documented properly. The web-based application, ELMS, includes roles and features for everyone involved in the process. From the ordering provider, to the health technician responsible for mixing the extracts, to the staff member responsible for packing and shipping the immunotheraphy treatment sets.

Before the implementation of ELMS, USACAEL had to manually enter all orders into an antiquated legacy system that provided little benefit other than paper generation. Since the development of ELMS, USACAEL has realized many benefits, including:
      - Faster throughput: Orders can now be processed faster due to provider entry of orders into the system. This has reduced the bottleneck related to order
        entry and allowed  USACAEL to cut their order processing time in half.
      - Faster retrieval of information: Before the implementation of ELMS, USACAEL spent large quantities of time searching for and tracking paperwork. Now they    
        simply  access the ELMS system for all their information needs
      - More informed ordering providers: Before the implementation of ELMS, ordering providers/facilities would contact USACAEL via phone to determine the status
        of their orders. Now they can access this information via ELMS.

Vaccine Consultation Registry (VCR)

MDM worked with the Clinical Immunization Safety Assessment (CISA) branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to develop a web-based application used in tracking and evaluating adverse events following immunization. CISA is a collaborative effort between the CDC and several clinical centers in the United States. The primary goals of the network are to improve the scientific understanding of vaccine safety issues through research and to serve as a source of clinical expertise in evaluation of adverse events following immunization.

MDM worked with CISA to understand their requirements and goals. Based on these, MDM developed a data collection repository that supports numerous consultation enrollment models, allows for documentation of the consults basic medical record and vaccine specific areas, allows for the generation of an electronic VAERS Report (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), and includes numerous administrative and descriptive analysis reports.

Research Management and Specimen Tracking

MDM worked with the National Vaccine Healthcare Centers Network (VHC) to assist in their research protocol management. We worked with the client to understand their needs and implemented 2 solutions. The first was a SharePoint based protocol management tool that allowed end users the ability to instantiate new research protocols in the application and track related research data through InfoPath forms. The accompanying solution was a web-based application that allowed for the tracking of research related specimens. This tool allowed the VHC better track their inventory of samples that are stored in numerous freezers across multiple sites. The specimen tracking module also allowed the VHC to track to samples through the shipping, distribution, and return processes.